• Charles Chappell posted an update in the group Ethics, Privacy and Technology: 6 years, 9 months ago

    Technology hasn’t changed people’s ethics, but it has reduced the cost of unethical behavior. Economic study would predict, rightly so, that because of this decreased cost, unethical behavior would then increase. Conversely however, ethical behavior, such as the use of text messaging for donations, or getting the word out via Twitter when government crackdowns occur, are also greatly enhanced by technology, and few would argue this is a bad thing.

    The trick is that this form of exposure, is something rather new to us, and recent economic studies predict a series of bubbles and crashes, both economic and non-economic. We’re seeing both, in the form of the .com/cloud bubbles, but also privacy bubbles that are bursting with companies like choicepoint and even Sony.

    Who will be next is unclear, but recent economic studies suggest that as time goes on, these booms and busts will become less severe, and all but cease on a large scale, but what of those of us who’s data just became a statistic? We as individuals don’t behave in the same way as large organizations either, and each of us will experience our own booms and busts along the way.

    The hard part with technology, is not being a statistic.