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Matching Funds Opportunity!!!: Completely unexpectedly and extremely generously, an anonymous donor from the WISR community came forward with an offer based on unexpected monies that have come their way.  They will match up to $30,000 of the donations WISR receives over the next 13 months–$5,000 for December, and $25,000 for 2018.  If more than $5,000 is donated […]

The Persistence of Discrimination:

WISR Doctoral Student Karen Young was just awarded a $10,000 mini grant by LifeLong Medical Care and the City of Berkeley to implement a health education and awareness project.  Karen’s project is called Water Wise. The goal of Water Wise is to decrease the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and increase the consumption of water. […]

WISR STUDENT, GABRIELA HOFMEYER, AWARDED A 2017 NADC/CALIFORNIA ARTS COUNCIL GRANT FOR DISABLED ARTISTS One of our WISR students, Gabriela Hofmeyer, has been awarded a 2017 NADC/California Arts Council Grant for Disabled Artists for her proposed Community Outreach Expressive Arts & Trauma Awareness and Recovery Projects. The statewide award is to support Community Outreach Projects […]

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WISR PhD alumnus, Larry Berkelhammer has launched an online non-commercial reference source to guide people living with a chronic illness or disability to a better life. This website,, provides guidance in ways to live with a sense of mastery and wellbeing. Although directed primarily to those with chronic health challenges, the vast array of […]

A recent article in the Miami Herald tells of the a story for Black History month, on the “Legacy of Overtown.” Overtown is the home community in Miami for retired public health professional, WISR PhD student, Agnes Morton. How it was destroyed and what she and others are striving to do to restore it, is […]

Two or three years ago, WISR PhD student, Mohammad Ibrahim, completed a research paper and project on the negative environmental and health impact of the widespread use of “TWO STROKE ENGINES” in Nigeria. Confronted with the lackadaisical attitude of the Federal bureaucrats here in Abuja and their reluctance to implement the recommendations contained in the […]

A recent review by Dr. Frederic Gleach of Cornell University gives 5.0 out of 5 stars to the book by WISR MA and PhD alumnus, Dennis Hastings. Over 15 years ago, Dennis Hastings’ MA Thesis at WISR was published as a book, co-authored with anthropologist, Robin Ridington, Blessing for a Long-Time: The Sacred Pole of […]

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