A recent review by Dr. Frederic Gleach of Cornell University gives 5.0 out of 5 stars to the book by WISR MA and PhD alumnus, Dennis Hastings. Over 15 years ago, Dennis Hastings’ MA Thesis at WISR was published as a book, co-authored with anthropologist, Robin Ridington, Blessing for a Long-Time: The Sacred Pole of the Omaha Tribe. Dennis is the founder and Director of the Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project. Dr. Gleach writes on Amazon.com: “Excellent work in history and (material) culture. . . . I have reviewed and written about this book in the professional literature, and won’t duplicate that here. But it deserves a note here for the convenience of would-be readers/purchasers. Blessing for a Long Time tells the story of Umo’ho’ti, the Sacred Pole of the Omaha Indians, which wsw given over and spent a century in the Peadbody Museum at Harvard before being returned to the Omahas. Hastings and Ridington beautifully tell and contextualize this story wt the situations of the Omahas in 1888 (when it was given over) and in the late 20th century when it was returned, and with the history of the Peabody and anthropological collecting more in general. This is a great piece of anthropological work–and a great story, well-told, and accessible for general as well as academic audiences. Highly recommended for those interested in the Omahas, or Indians in general, or in museums and collecting and their relationships with contemporary Native people.”