WISR PhD alumnus, Anngwyn St. Just, is an internationally recognized expert in the area of global and social trauma.  Anngwyn got her MA toward the MFT license and PhD from WISR about 20 years ago.  Her latest book has been drawing a lot of attention, including in the recent (June 8, 2011)  daily report of www.urbansurvival.com (A One Man Economic Daily Newspaper about the Second Depression in near real-time . . .):  George Ure writes,

“I’ll get serious about reading Dr. Anngwyn St. Just’s A Question of Balance: A Systemic Approach to Understanding and Resolving Trauma ($15) since sometime this fall I figure understanding the development and treatment of mass social trauma will be useful knowledge to have aboard as we do play-by-play on social collapse into 2012 and toward the ‘data
wall’ in spring/summer 2013.
St. Just’s smart enough to wonder if working for defense contractors is a kind of social acceptance of mass murder, which of course it is. If it was just about defending America’s borders
we would be smoking Mexican dirt weed.

When materialism is all that used to matter, people don’t take time to inspect their own, let alone surrounding crowd psychology.  How we treat ourselves for mass social trauma when we even try to look at ourselves squarely through the distorted fun-house-mirror imagery of narcissistic, celebrity-oriented, corporate-controlled mass-consumption engine media? . . .”

For a recent review of Anngwyn’s book, go tohttp://www.acst-international.com/review-francesca.pdf